Saturday, February 16, 2008

Dead man lying

Saturday, February 16th 2008, Cairo, Ring Road, 19:30. An ambulance parked at the side of the road revealing an accident that has just occurred. I drove closer to see 3 covered dead bodies and 1 splattered brain. Twenty meters further I see a young teenage girl, with a 10ish year old boy crying.

I try to imagine what happened there, and the only thing I could think of is that they were crossing the 90 km/h Ring Road in the middle of nowhere, and someone, however fast he was driving, and might I say, driving monotonously as in every highway, who didn't see this family cross, and ...SPLAT.

I know that he will be charged with murder, whichever degree, but is it right? I mean, didn't this family cross a highway right in the middle of it? If they live somewhere close to the Ring Road, how do they cross? I know that there aren't any cross-overs for pedestrians, but how are supposed to cross? And the exact same situation could happen to me, but is there a law that protects me? I know I killed someone, but it was basically their fault.

Moreover, are they going to mention it in the news tomorrow? So that it would be a lesson for every pedestrian thinking it was fahlawa to cross a highway, and a lesson for every driver who traverses the Ring Road more than twice a week.

I doubt it. Even if it was mentioned, you wouldn't get the same message I got today.

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