Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The plot thickens

Yay, fourth cable in a week. This one is close to Qatar. Now that the Egyptian authorities denied the possibility that the first cable was damaged by the anchor of a stray ship, where they provided video evidence of a 24-hour window around the approximate time the cable was damaged, which showed that no ships were around, the scale tends to favor the "conspiracy theory" against "pure coincidence".

This time, the theory is about internet feeding Iran, getting ready to strike it. There is another half-plausible theory that this is the work of Al-Qaeda trying to elevate the level of Islam in the not-so-Islamic nations (which shows how Islam is portrayed by the West as a retarded way of life).

We're placing bets on the next sea-bed-cable. Contact booky (at) conspiracy (dot) com.

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