Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I kill you

This is actually a quote from Jeff Dunham's comedy act, where he has a puppet shaped as a "Muslim" skeleton called Achmed, where Achmed is supposed to be a dead terrorist.

Today, I heard that Al-Jazeera TV hosted a talk show between 2 sides, a woman who is not against (might I say pro) the Danish caricatures depicting Mohammed, and a man who is against it. The best part is that someone threatened to bomb the Al-Jazeera headquarters because they hosted such a show, and if it was on air, they should have terminated the transmission.

Now, how is it that we want to progress, and have a better image in front of the world, when we are not willing to hear the other side of the story, however bad we may feel about it? Is this how we want to deal with issues? Burying our heads in the ground trying to pretend that the world does not exist?

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