Tuesday, October 19, 2004



So, I get a blog, and start blogging. Does that make me:
1. Certified Geek,
2. Lonely with nothing in hand to do,
3. A person with loads of words, and no one's listening?

Probably all of the above.... except for #1. A wise man once said, a crazy man never admits he's crazy. An even wiser man once said, a geek would never admit he's a geek. So, if I say that I'm a geek, that would - by default - not make me a geek, or a geek wannabe.

I think I feel better now.


Dalulla said...
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Dalulla said...

It makes you someone who is in need to express themselves freely, it makes you someone who needs to find people with similar interests, it makes u someone who is not necessaarily unheard, maybe just not understood from the people you mingle with. Maybe you are seeking people with similar interests but only through a larger scale. Here u can do that, but never stop posting what comes to your mind, even if not many people come across your blog. Just keep it going, the least is, you are taking out, as if writing your diaries. That in itself is a blessing! So cheer up, and keep it going.

Cliche~ said...

hehehhehe/....ur eager attempt to try so hard to not be a geek, has miserably failed:)

I mean paranoia about being geek= GEEK

LOL kidding:):):) i know what u mean.....but whoever invented the word geek anywya, some drunken teenager in some american high school probably!