Thursday, February 03, 2005


The everlasting debate on which invention should be awared 'The most important invention ever' might come to the conclusion with the invention of Alarm Snooze.

Hats off to Mr. Jack Snooze.


R said...

Unfortunately it stopped working for me.
It used to help me get up for 2 years, then.. addicted :) I hear it, snooze it, and sleep till it stops after 30 min.. 1 hr.. Who knows?

Cliche~ said...

Agreez with R

I think if the snooze has done anything, it has eliminated all the true benefits of an alarm i.e. in the past....when the alarm went off THAT WAS IT YOU HAD TO GET OUT OF BED, OR YOU WERE SCREWED FOR THE DAY...

but now.... you fall into this never ending cycle of snoozing and procrastination!!!

lol its all to do with the silly arguments u tell urself when ur half asleep, while snoozing:. e.g. If i skip polishing my shoes, i ll save up 5 minutes. therefore i can sleep.

noosh said...

hehe.. long live the snooze.. i think my whole life is in the snooze mode.. i'm unable to sleep and unable to WaKe up!