Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Answer

Biomimicry. It is a very old school of thought, but focused on recently. They even gave it a name, which is still not recognized by dictionaries (Thesaurus).

Simply, it is looking at nature's solutions to solve our current scientific problems. The biggest and clearest example around us is the aeroplane. For man to be able to build a flying machine, he had to observe and understand how birds fly. Fabric industry began eons ago, but developed recently by observing spiders. Solar cells, the answer to all energy problems, was inspired by leaves. Cameras work using the same concept eyes use for seeing. The list of examples goes on and on, only to applaud the greatest designer of all times; The Creator.

The way I look at it, is that The Creator has placed the best designs for everything around us, and however hard we try to perfect our designs, we are only getting closer to His designs.

Let me illustrate this. Data storage. Technologists have pushed storage technologies, that it is growing exponentially in the last few years. Terrabyte hard drives, solid-state drives, DDRX RAMs, it is always the pursuit of cramming more data into the smallest devices. But, looking at the human brain as the perfect data storage device, maybe the ability to forget is the answer to it all. The human brain works with the same concept as most data storage devices seen nowadays, but it has the ability to forget, in order to make room for more in the future. Our imperfection might be the perfect design.

This might sound controversial, but inventing the wheel is one of the cornerstones of civilization (along with the ability to make fire), and it is not the ultimate method of transport. Recently, you can find a hoard of scientists trying to make robots walk. Their greatest challenge is going up and down stairs. The answer is not in multi-axis wheels, but it is in the way The Creator designed legs. The ultimate all-trail vehicle is the insect.

We are reaching a dead end in energy storage, where we are running out of elements and alloys from the periodic table to be used in batteries. The ultimate energy storage method is designed around the intake of biological materials, storing that in the form of fat, and using it when needed. Food!

The most efficient way to convert stored energy into kinetic energy is not the multi-stroke combustion engine. It is not alternating current motors. It is... muscles.

Doing some foretelling on my side, I see that:
  • Thumb drives and hard drives will tend to forget less important data, as a way to make more storage space available

  • Cars and moving machinery will use bio fuel as it is found to be the most efficient type of fuel

  • Cars will lose their wheels and have a pair of 15-20 insect-like pairs of legs, which will be found to be the most effective method of transport

  • Robots will require a closed cycle circulatory system to stabilize temperature and transport stored energy in the form of bio fuel

  • Flying machine makers will declare “flapping” and “gliding” as the most effective way for aerial transport

  • Time-travel will be declared as “impossible”, since no living creature designed by The Creator is able to do that (plus we haven't seen anyone from the future yet, have we?)

  • Cameras will develop a blinking mechanism to order to humidify and clean the bio-elastic lenses

  • Machines will be able to bleed, and reconstruct damaged parts

  • Information of the whole will be redundantly stored in a DNA-like structure in each building block

The Creator created the laws of physics, and created everything around us following these laws in the perfect designs. I don't think we will be able to supersede that.

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