Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The LOL Democracy

The Obama administration created an electronic discussion board in Jan 2009 as an electronic suggestion box. Phase 3 created 3,900 new ideas, out of which, 3 of the top 10 voted for ideas were:
Legalizing marijuana, and two featured conspiracy theories about Mr. Obama's true place of birth.
Article from Slashdot.

The following are excerpts from users comments.
  • "The United States is NOT a Democracy. We are a Republic. Under a Democracy, the majority forces their opinions on the minority and it eventually turns into an Oligarchy." - nschubach

  • "Let me spell it out for you: The United States is a 'Goldman Sachsocracy'" - Phillip K Dickhead

  • "I wish Americans had half the guts of 15-year-old Iranian girls! There'd have been 5 American Revolutions since 1870. Your textbook lies about the accountability of US government to the people have kept you complacent, and made you both arrogant yet ignorant and oppressed." - Philip K Dickhead

I think true democracy is a dream that all nations are striving for however psychedelic it may seem.

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